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“Generation Flux”

danah boyd, Bob Greenberg and others synapse together….! From Fast Company, Jan 2012

What is Entrepreneurship? 1983 – 2012

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.

This is from Harvard Business School, of all places. It was conceived 37 years ago by HBS professor Howard Stevenson. It’s from the book Breakthrough Entrepreneurship (which I highly recommend) by entrepreneur and teacher Jon Burgstone and writer Bill Murphy, Jr.

Steve Jobs Eulogy

Having read the book, it’s great to re-read Sister Mona Simpson Eulogy for Steve Jobs supports a world without slavery

Great to see the private sector join government, public and nonprofits in the efforts to end the fastest growing criminal activity in the world = the exploitation of humans!

$11.5MM grant to support end of slavery

“The Girl Effect” – a global issue

The world could use a kick in the pants….

TEDxWomen streaming – people of hope, people of change

\”If you\’re feeling helples, help someone\”

Morley from TEDxWomen Conference, with focus on Resilience, Relationship, Rebirth, ReImagine on  Dec 1, 2011


“The Power of 10 + The Power of One to Many”

Saw the new Charles & Ray Eames documentary, and then this ever-evolving video which both show the power of one to many”

Where the Hell is Matt now?

“We all grew…..we grew apart”

Graphical information says more than words or speeches or debates, as we all struggle with the difficulties felt around the world.

Connect the Dots

Tim Girvin captures Steve Jobs, the man and the ideals

Igniting the Passionate Fire

Vision 2050

29 leading global businesses across 14 industries unite on a common Agenda so the world is sustained for expected 9B people in 2050. A massive study, and take a look at the Pathways Mural, which projects the “must haves” and collaboration necessary decade by decade. Vision 2050 Agenda