Cross-Sector Impact

“The world spins with technology and speed, and wobbles with hurt and injustice.”

NAAG Presidential Initiative Launch, Chicago

NAAG Presidential Initiative Launch, Chicago


Love146 Round Home, Southeast Asia

Love146 Round Home, Southeast Asia

Since 2004, Karen has been working to eradicate Human Trafficking, a $32B global enterprise driven by profit. It is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, and on the tipping point of change. Karen uses her executive leadership and strategic expertise to shape results-focused partnerships across the public and private sectors.

Karen is a finalist in a field of twenty-one nominees for the 2013 Microsoft Alumni Foundation Integral Fellows Award, for her leadership in building influential public – private partnerships to address the broad spectrum needs in eradicating human exploitation and trafficking across the world.

Karen is Executive Producer of the raw and disturbing documentary shot in Seattle “Rape for Profit,” along with Jada Pinkett Smith and other noted celebrities, activists and specialists working on the issue across American cities. The film reached #3 ranking of all iTunes documentaries within days of launch in early August 2013. She has been a Final Judge in The Justice Film Festival for the last two years, and looks for film and media opportunities to increase public awareness and action to end human trafficking.

In May 2012, Karen was featured in a Womenetics article “Human Trafficking, Human Misery: Dark Links in the Supply Chain,” and was a panelist discussing “Public/Private Partnerships,” for a global forum of 28 countries sponsored by Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) and the UN Global Compact.


Non-Profit Boards

Karen continues to serve from 2009 – present on the Board of Directors of Love146, an 11-year old nonprofit focused on survivor and professional training programs in Asia, prevention initiatives in Europe, and prevention educational programs in the US.

She served on the Board of Directors of Polaris Project from 2011 – 2013, a 10-year old nonprofit that runs the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, advances states and federal policy related to the crime of human trafficking, and is a leader in training, technical assistance, public advocacy and client service provisioning.

Public-Private Partnerships

In December 2012, Karen launched “The Freedom Movement,” a mapping platform to connect and unify over 85 government and non-profit agencies working to end trafficking exploitation in the Seattle area, as exposed in the theatrical release of the documentary film “Rape for Profit.”

Since 2009, Karen has played a pivotal role with Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna in developing the 2011-2012 Presidential Initiative on Human Trafficking for the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), entitled – “Pillars of Hope: Attorneys General Unite Against Human Trafficking.” Since the launch in June 2011, Karen has been a trusted strategic advisor to the Leadership Council and the Attorneys General in all 50 states.

While at Microsoft, she was a founding member of the”Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking (BCAT), a dedicated group of Fortune 500 companies who are exploring ways that the business sector can take a leadership role in ending sexual and labor exploitation in their supply chain and employee policies.

During her 14 years at Microsoft, Karen worked across several divisions and geographies to inform teams about the issue of human trafficking, and how it relates to supply chain procurement, online sourcing (76% of sexual transactions with minor children start online), and ways that Microsoft could use their products and services to inform the public, partner with authorities, strengthen employee advocacy and action, and take a leadership role to fight demand as a global corporation concerned about human rights issues.

Karen is supporter of the launch of Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, active in Net Impact, and provides strategic mentoring to several nonprofits including Seattle Against Slavery, a community coalition of grassroots, non-governmental organizations and government agencies working together to combat human trafficking.

She is an advisor to several elected officials across the US, and believes that convening and building public-private partnerships across all sectors is key to a “zero tolerance” approach to anti-human trafficking.


“Karen has a passion for emerging trends in technology, impact funding and social responsibility leadership, and a heart for those who are victims of injustice.”